High Odds Accumulator Tips



Our daily football high odds accumulator tips consist of the best betting picks of the day. Every day we offer you a combination of predictions with high chances of success, to help you create your own ticket. The ticket of the day, if you want, is an objective analysis, made daily by the counselors from the onlywinbet.com team, have experience in the world of online betting. The ticket of the day can contain betting tips from football, tennis, handball, basketball, or ice hockey.

Get inspired by our accumulator of the day tips

Every day you can enter onlywinbet.com to analyze the daily football accumulator tips proposed by us and choose the selections you consider with the highest chances of winning.

Today’s ticket is based on information gathered from statistics websites and pre-match news. In addition to public information, there is also the experience gained over the years by tipsters who follow many important events.

Thus, you have several reasons to be inspired by the ticket of the day when you place a bet.

Daily Accumulator Odds

On onlywinbet.com you will find high odds accumulator tips with a total ood higher than 2, 3 or 10. Obviously, the smallest ones have more chances to win, while the odds of 10+ are very rarely winning.

Odds 2 and 3 are played by bettors who already have a larger betting budget and know how to manage their resources.

Matches are chosen from the offers we find at bookmakers and depending on the highest odds.

For example, if the statistics show that a team plays spectacularly and scores and/or receives many goals or a tennis player plays very well on a certain surface, then we will continue to analyze those matches to find the best predictions for the ticket.

Sure football accumulators of the day

Every day we try to offer you football betting tickets that are as safe as possible. In sports betting, however, one cannot talk about something certain, because even a odds of 1.01 proved to be a loser not infrequently.

The football ticket of the day that has higher security is the one with a total odd 2+. Followed by the one with a total odd 3+. Safety decreases a lot for football tickets with a 10+ odds and for the team ticket because there we generally have 5-6 events and we all know that when the number of betting tips on the ticket increases, the chances of winning decrease.

Daily acca tipsters

Most team counselors or tipsters contribute to the creation of the team ticket. There every day those who see interesting selections propose them and finally, the ticket of the day comes out.

Daily tennis accumulator tips

On the ticket of the day proposed by the onlywinbet.com team, there are great chances to find tennis picks also. And if you want to make the tennis accumulator of the day, you can also find such tips for white sports matches.

Frequently Asked Questions – Betting accumulators of the day

Where can I bet the ticket for the day for free?

You can bet your ticket for free only if you use the welcome bonuses offered by online bookmakers.

Example: You choose to open an account at unibet.com. This bookmaker offers you a refund of up to £ 40 if the first bet loses + £ 10 at the casino.

How many events to include on a ticket?

Depending on the bookmaker you choose, you can include between 1 and 25+ events on your betting ticket.

The more events you add to a ticket, the lower your chances of winning.

Our recommendation is to bet only on the matches you trust the most.

Do not add matches in order to increase the total odds or reach a slightly higher win.

Keep in mind that professional bettors bet only one match on the ticket at most two.

What total odd is recommended for the ticket of the day?

If you want to win consistently, it is recommended to choose a lower total odds daily accumulators.

It depends a lot on what kind of bettor you are. The one who chooses a high odds accumulator tips of 20,000 and hits once every 30 years (if he gives it). Or the one who chooses one under 10 (he often wins but does not get rich overnight).

Regardless of the final odds you choose, it is important to have a strategy. What do you do if you win a ticket and what do you do if you lose. If you have a plan and if you manage to follow that plan then your chances of winning bets increase considerably.

Is it profitable to bet on the Odds Day 2 Ticket?

The Ticket of the Day with Odds 2 is one of the most profitable options to play at the bookmakers.

Those who bet on odds 2 have developed a recipe:

• Do not bet more than 10% of the bank. You have a bank of 500 Ron, the stake on your ticket must be below 50 Ron

• The more matches you have on the ticket of the day, the lower the chances of winning. It is better to have two events with a final quota of 2 than to have 6 or 10 matches per ticket.

• Choose bets with two options: both teams to score, over and under (goals, cards, corners), etc. to increase your chances of winning

There is a lot to say about the ticket of the day with quota 2. If you want to make this project a profitable one then you have to establish a set of rules and follow them.

What bets are recommended for the football day ticket?

For the football day ticket, bets with two, at most three variants are recommended. This includes both scores, cards, corners, number of goals, final result, double chance, break or final, etc.

We do not recommend adding pause-final bets on the ticket of the day, correct score. These have many variants and from a statistical point of view are very difficult to predict.

How much should I bet on the ticket of the day?

To start betting the ticket of the day, we recommend you establish a bank. This bank must be a sum of money that you can afford to lose without affecting your life or that of your family.

Once you have established the bank, you will determine what percentage of it you will place on each betting ticket.

The higher the final fee on the day’s ticket, the lower the percentage of the bank we bet must be.

If for 2+ odd we have established that we bet 10% of the bank for the 3+, for example, we can go for 7% of the bank. For 100+ we opt for at most 0.5% of the bank.