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Are you looking for only win tips for today? You got it right because here you can find good tips every day. Pro betting tips to be inspired when you bet. Our tipsters offer free sports betting tips, day in and day out, keep an eye on them so you don’t miss their predictions!

See from the table below which are the best tipsters on our site and get inspired by them! Find out what forecasts they have selected for today and bet on their recommendations. Here they will offer you expert betting tips on all important sports: football, tennis, basketball, hockey, handball. As such, you will have enough predictions to choose from to make the Ticket of the Day.

Sports Betting Tips

We focus mainly on the most important sports in our country, namely football and tennis. Here we cover all the matches of interest and do not leave any important game unanalyzed. At the same time, we have a team of people specialized in other sports. They will offer you the best only win tips for hockey, basketball, handball, or sometimes even e-Sports.

Safest Tips – Wins Only

The best sports betting tips are the ones that ensure your profit. But there are no safe tips today, except when a match is “arranged”. In 99% of cases, there are no fixed matches, so there will always be the possibility to lose or win a bet on sporting events. Being gambling, bets are influenced by chance every time. In order to make sure that luck does not have a word that is as difficult to say, there are certain things that you should take into account when betting, and in the lines below I will talk about them.

The lower the odds, the better the chances of it coming out. However, even if you found two betting predictions with odds of 1.10 and 1.05, this does not mean that those are safe tips. Because even there surprises can occur. At the same time, you can find good tips today at two odds of 3.45 or 5.00, for example, but you should invest less money in such risky bets, with very low theoretical chances of success. As a tip, it is advisable to find a balance of the odds you play, but also of the stakes, you place.

If you want to play pro betting tips then you need to establish some clear principles to bet on: you set a monthly budget that you are willing to invest in sports betting, you decide what strategies you follow (what type of odds you will play, how much you bet on a ticket, how many betting predictions you play on a ticket, etc.) and you try as much as possible to respect the rules you have imposed on yourself. So do professional bettors, who win tips today.

Good tips = winning predictions

Each tipster and each project we propose to you has its own statistics. You can see the results of each expert in our team on the individual page or in the table above. The ranking of tipsters automatically creates a positive competition between our specialists, each of them having an extra motivation to give as many good tips as possible and to climb to the monthly top. As each of them wants to be the best, guaranteed they will be able to find the most inspired betting predictions.

Unlike other sports betting tips sites, on our site, you have total transparency. This helps you quickly see who are the best tipsters, who has the most winning tips, and who is best at betting predictions. We have been collecting data for more than a year and a half. And we keep track of the best experts in betting tips so that you can trust those you are inspired by.

Pro Win Tips Only

Our predictions are recommended by professionals. Our team members have years of experience in online and offline sports betting. Their expertise goes beyond the information that anyone can find on the internet, in a simple search. This is exactly one of the reasons why it is more advantageous to look for tips online because there are such tipsters who have already gathered all the details related to an event you want to bet on. By resorting to their analysis you are exempted from wasting time searching for information on the internet. Especially since sometimes you don’t find important information there either.

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Frequently asked questions about our only win tips

Below you can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about sports betting tips:

What are the competitions for which you offer predictions?

In football, we aim to cover every time all the matches. In Top 5 European championships: England Premier League, Spain La Liga, Italy Serie A, Germany Bundesliga, and France Ligue 1. Of course, in the middle of the week, we do not leave the competitions unanalyzed. UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League. During the international breaks, we focus on the UEFA Nations League matches, on all the matches from the European preliminaries for the European Football Championship or the World Cup.

When the offer of bookmakers is poorer and does not include enough matches from the competitions listed above, we also focus on the secondary leagues in the top countries on matches in the Netherlands Eredivisie, Belgium Jupiler League, Portugal Primeira League, etc or national cups: FA Cup, Romanian Cup, DFB Pokal, King of Spain Cup, etc.

If no important matches are scheduled on a certain day then you will not find detailed previews on the site. However, you will find match only win tips today based on statistical data. Here we practically recommend a tip with very good chances of success in view of the previous results of the teams that face each other. These betting predictions come from as varied a competition as possible. From the English Championship to the second league in the Netherlands. The conclusion is that you will always find good only win tips to play on our site!

Do you have expert betting tips on sports other than football and tennis?

Yes. On you will always find betting predictions even if you are not a fan of the two sports. In addition to football and tennis, we have tips specialized in sports such as hockey, handball, basketball or even baseball, American football, and e-Sports. So, with us you can find predictions even when the offer on the main sports is low, you just have to reorient yourself towards other sports. The even better part is that it often happens in sports betting today to win money more easily on less publicized sports.

How many predictions to play sports betting today?

You can choose as many only win tips as you want on a ticket, depending on how much you want to invest and how much you want to earn. We analyze all the important matches for you to have a wide range to choose from. But we recommend you to play only those tips that inspire your greatest confidence. No matter how much you trust a tipster, it is important to analyze the tip proposed by him and see if you find it valuable or not. It rarely happens that we have a day when all the proposed tips come out because there are no 100% safe betting tips today, but we will not lose everything either. That’s why it’s important to filter the tips and play as much as you think is appropriate.

How many betting win tips do you propose each day?

We do not have a fixed number of sports betting tips. The number of predictions depends on how rich the bookmakers offer on that day. . For example, on weekends we have dozens of predictions on the site. But there are also days when we hardly find 3-4 good tips worth playing. We prefer quality, not quantity.

What bookmaker do you recommend?

All our tipsters bet online, at bookmakers recommended by We recommend you to play there too because at these online agencies you will always find the most valuable odds. It’s a shame to have good predictions, but not to earn much with them. Therefore, it is worth having accounts open with as many houses as possible in order to be able to play a tip where it has the highest odds. Even if you think it’s the same to play a tip at 1.50 instead of 1.55, in the long run, you will feel the difference.